Welcome Back Chocolate Lovers!

Decadent Dense & Delicious
Baked without compromise with the highest quality Belgian Chocolate, Free Range Eggs and an ever increasing list of over 40 amazing flavours! 



At Extreme Chocolate we do one thing and we do it well. Big tasty brownies. Our recipe has been perfected to allow us to make the most delicious brownies at an off-the-chart size, at a very affordable price, whilst still maintaining a very high quality of ingredients. I know, its unbelievable! The variety of flavours matches the size with over 40 flavours currently in our arsenal* and the number is always increasing.

Ethics are very important to us, so we use local produce, minimal wastage and all of our packaging is fully recyclable.

*we rotate our list of flavours regularly so not every flavour is available all year round



We are now back open for online orders! Don't let lockdown 3.0 stop you from fulfilling all those chocolatey desires.

Wheat Field

For Everyone

We cater for people with gluten intolerance, vegans, dairy free and even a Vegan & Gluten Free brownie!

(Our brownies aren't suitable for people with severe gluten allergies as we use regular flour in our kitchen)






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