These are some of the popular flavours you will find at Markets & Events.


Signature Chocolate Brownie which is the same base recipe for all our Brownies and an added dash of more Chocolate.


Gooey chewy and sometimes oozy Salted Caramel layer (made by us with Sugar,  Devon Clotted Cream, Butter & Cornish Sea Salt) sandwiched top and bottom with our Signature Brownie.


 Crunchy Peanut Butter sandwiched in Brownie (get it ..? Peanuts featuring Charlie Brown) with Charlies zig zag fav T shirt pattern in smooth Peanut butter on top. Note YES we use PEANUT BUTTER in our kitchen or we would have no Charlie Brownie Brownie!!


Sandwich of Raspberry couli, fresh raspberry, fruity and gorgeous ...with Fresh raspberry tart  decoration.


 Similar to raspberry ripple slightly tart Cherries filled and topped with Cherry decoration.


Sandwich of Mixed Spices (like a rich fruit cake) with Seville orange pieces and Seville orange compote filling.


centre of white chocolate sauce & mini marshmallows, sandwiched in Awesome Brownie and white chocolate and toasted marshmallows on top.


 centre and Brownie mix with malted milk, and topped with two Maltesers for an extra crunch or a malteaster Bunny if we still have any! 


chopped Mint Aero filling with two Mint Chocolate Balls.


 yummy gooey Brownies topped with a slice of cadburys cream egg (available as long as we can find them!)


Just when you think you have had enough chocolate we add milk white and dark to crunch in the Brownie or a quick whizz in the microwave the Chocolate core will ooze in the Brownie and give that extra chocolate hit.


Coffee and latte powder decoration and a rich Brownie with of course the Awesome Brownie mix.


Well with Fudge, Salted Caramel, Marshamallows, White and milk chocolate, MMs and more what else could we call it! 


 this is neither a traditional Blondie or a cake, if anything we think its like slightly baked cheesecake brownie texture. Made with White chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, butter eggs and a little flour so yes not a brownie blondie or cheesecake but no added (by us) sugar and a different and popular delicacy. NB we also make an Awesome Brownie topped with Glamorous Blonde. We call it Andrew. There is a story but not for now! 

Awesome Gluten Free Dairy Free

Made with care and avoiding the rest of the gadgets in the kitchen, using Doves farm Gluten free self raising flour and Organic Sunflower oil  with still our decadent dense and delicious texture.

Vanilla Fudge & white chocolate chip

another rich delicious and squidgy one! A cube of vanilla fudge on top of a brownie rich filled with white chocolate chips & chopped vanilla fudge.


Stem ginger and ground ginger with crunchy ginger topping

Food intolerances: Reasonable care is taken to not cross contaminate peanut butter or other nut products. Vegan, Gluten free and dairy free products are only produced at commencement of working day after everything is deep cleaned. We are not registered with any society that protects the welfare of those with food intolerance, allergies or medical conditions.There will be wheat, peanut & other nuts, cream and soya in the Bakery and items will be transported and displayed as a selection. We cannot be held responsible for purchasing or consuming an item unsuitable. If you have a question or concern please ask.